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Jason Kelly Johnson will be running a one-day intensive Firefly/Arduino Workshop "RESPONSIVE BUILDING FACADES" on July 27, 2012 in San Francisco (as a part of the Architect's Newspaper "Art and Science of Building Facades" Symposium.) Register here.

*Read Jason's Hardware Recommendations blog post for 2012-13 Firefly Workshops.  

Are you teaching or participating in a workshop that is using Firefly?  Let us know about it and we'll feature it here on the Firefly website! (info@fireflyexperiments.com)

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Digital Garden Workshop FabLab Sevilla

Really interesting (and fun) results from a workshop conducted at the FabLab in Sevilla, Spain.


Hanging Liminality - Final Prototype

The final prototype titled Hanging Liminality by James Ye-Won Lee and Jonathan Fernandes, two masters students at the University of Sydney.  The installation uses 28 servo motors and an Arduino Mega.  In addition, they used a PS Eye webcam to control the servos so they react in response to video movement.  Nice job guys!


Hanging Liminality

Nice kinetic landscape by masters students at the University of Sydney. Great work guys! - Jason