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Firefly + TouchOSC

Demo using TouchOSC (mobile phone app) and Firefly (a free plugin for Grasshopper) to control LED's and motors.

Reader Comments (2)

This seems to be perfect to setting up a CNC machine to run a program. I don't know if you have seen a remote control pendent for a CNC controller before so I will explain what one is. If you do know, you can just skip this part.

While setting up a job, CNC operators will use a pendent which is just a box for manual control, normally connected to the main controller by a coil shaped cable.

This box has a turn wheel attached to a rotary encoder as well as a multiplier turn switch that tells the machine to move by increments of one, ten, one hundred or one thousand steps for every step of turn on the pendent turn wheel. Also, these pendants have another turn switch that indicates that the operation will be applied to the X, Y or Z axis. A manual mode button may be on the pendent or on the main controller.

Using this expensive upgrade allows the user to move the head of the CNC machine to desired locations in a manual mode. As one example, the head (or collets) of the machine can hold a pressure or contact sensor to accurately locate a point on the surface of something that is about to be worked on. Having the pendent on a flexible cable allows the operator to get very close to the point of interest and still operate the machine remotely. This is important for setting up the job before running the cutting program.

As you well know, for a low end, Arduino based project, this would be an inexpensive feature set that could be added to a myriad of projects. For the CNC oriented projects, this could add such a cool factor.

What I want to know is:
1. What do I have to by to get something like this to work?
2. How hard will it be to learn and incorporate it into my project?
3. Since I'm not great at this stuff, what resources are available for help?

I would need to set this up on my Android phone and what ever else I need on my MS version 7 PC. The app. would need tell the Arduino to go to manual mode by changing a flag high, set the axis (in my case just X or Y), set the multiplier and turn a dial. I already have some code for a rotary encoder although I am not familiar with it yet.

This seems like a cut, edit and paste project but not quite. Perhaps it is not even close.

January 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAsa Herring

Hi world!

I’m new at working with Arduino and Firefly and I’m trying to work with TouchOSC for regulate some LEDs like the example of this video. I would like to now, How can I match each fader of the TouchOSC layout, with each one of the lights?
There is an example firefly definition, developed in the downloads section, but it works with the accelerometer messages, And I’d like to do it with the faders, instead. Is it possible to “pimp” this file and make it work with the faders?

I hope you could help soon!
Thank you very much.

Carlos B.M.

April 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCarlos Bausá M.

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